Deep Clean

It’s not pleasant to look at, or hygienic.

Brown rust and green copper streaks on the surfaces of urinals, toilet bowls and hand basins – they are the unsightly result of plumbing corrosion.

Scale build-up which can also occur is the ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria and the risk of infection due to bacteria in the air is very real.

Daily cleaning will not remove scale, rust or green copper streaks. This is where an Extreme Deep Clean is required. Our specialised personnel follow a detailed cleaning process using acid cleaning solutions which require expertise and extreme care.

The process helps to reduce unpleasant odours and clears pipework allowing the free-flow of toilet waste.

Once a Deep Clean is complete it is supported by a regular maintenance schedule and Cannon Hygiene urinal products.

Cannon Hygiene auto sanitisers and bioblock help prevent further build up of uric salts, significantly reducing washroom downtime and maintenance costs.